Why Christian Education?

Smaller classes for everyone…
If there’s one thing that kids need to be successful, it’s one-on-one time with their teacher. This has been researched extensively and parents get it too: smaller classrooms mean better outcomes for students.

Smaller classes have improved student engagement and achievement in the early grades.

Ontario-based research demonstrates that smaller primary classes enable teachers to provide more individual attention to students and use a greater variety of instructional strategies. The Ontario research indicates that small classes have an even greater impact if educators use teaching strategies and classroom practices that take full advantage of the benefits of smaller classes. Educators need opportunities to share and collaborate on best practices in smaller classes.                                                                                    

Safer spaces…
Among parents, 49 per cent expressed deep concern for bullying, while Canadians without kids were even more worried with 52 per cent reported being “very concerned.”

Ipsos Reid has conducted polls on bullying before, but these respondents showed the highest levels of concern the firm has ever recorded,…September 2012 Globe News.

Spiritual edification …
Are the public schools religiously neutral? Are children physically and morally safe in the schools?

Are Canadian Christian children being discipled daily by pro-choice secularists, atheists, evolutionists, politicized bureaucrats, and pedophile inspired curriculum?

Under the guise of education has the publicly funded monopoly of government schools become engaged in a program of social engineering designed to erode the Christian faith from Canadian life?

Why are there a growing number of parents choosing Christian education?
Can you please help to make a difference?

Ted Fuller